A trusted partner and
a safe pair of hands.

Are you an accountant, solicitor or other firm looking for a financial planning partner? Are you looking to sell your business? Wealth Solutions is a great choice.


Why choose Wealth Solutions as a partner?

For financial planners and advisers seeking to expand their business horizons, Wealth Solutions is a great choice. Our team has a strong record of identifying promising business partners and forming lasting relationships which benefit clients.

Our team is willing to discuss a wide range of options with you including business sale, sale of shares or sale of interests. You may wish to still be involved in the business in some capacity, or perhaps not. We have worked with many businesses in the past from a range of situations.

Selling a financial advice or planning business is a complicated affair, working through regulatory issues and payment agreements. We are committed to finding the best solution for all parties involved – especially for our respective client bases.


How Wealth Solutions can assist accountants.

For many accountants, their clients’ financial needs often extend into the realms of financial advice and planning. Perhaps they need help with their pension, an inheritance tax issue or a financial protection matter.

Here at Wealth Solutions, our team is well-positioned to partner with accountants to help offer a more comprehensive set of financial solutions to your clients. For those with clients who are business owners, for instance, the need is typically pressing for both an accountant and a financial planner.

Looking to add more value to your client base with a trusted financial planning partner? We would love to hear from you. Get in touch to start a conversation and find out whether our teams could achieve more and better results for the people we serve, together.


How legal firms can benefit from Wealth Solutions.

Solicitors often encounter financial planning matters when working with clients. Legal solutions pertaining to divorce, early retirement, career and family, for instance, increasingly require an integrated approach that combines sound legal and financial advice.

Here at Wealth Solutions, we wish to partner with excellent legal firms to offer more of this great, holistic service to clients. Working together, we can improve client outcomes and potentially create new business opportunities.

Our team has strong experience working with business owners, successful families and professionals across the UK. If you are interested in exploring a partnership with us, then get in touch today to start a conversation.