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Specialists who can help you build wealth across a working lifetime, enjoying it in later life and passing more on to loved ones as an inheritance.

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Welcome To Wealth Solutions

People first. Solutions second.

Money is a means to an end – helping you achieve your life goals. That’s why our financial planning always starts with you, getting to know your aspirations and crafting a tailored plan to help get you there.

At Wealth Solutions, we believe financial planning should tie the generations together – providing the best for you, your children and grandchildren. Whilst the future cannot be certain, we can help you create a road-map towards financial security and success for your loved ones.

Perhaps this involves optimising your tax position, pension and inheritance tax plan. It might include improving your investments, life insurance or a combination of all of these. Regardless of your needs, we can bring everything together under a clear, coherent plan which sets you on course towards your financial goals.

In 2021, we revisited our branding and decided upon a fresh visual identity and logo which shows our commitment to putting you and your loved ones at the centre of everything we do.

“In my view, good financial advice requires 2 key elements. A deep knowledge of the current financial marketplace, and the ability to interpret the client’s situation and requirements. In our experience Wealth Solutions have excelled at both.”

Ian and Dawn, Stratford upon Avon
Personal and Business Solutions

Wealth solutions that brings everyone together.

Passing your wealth efficiently to your family and loved ones through investment planning, retirement planning, wills and estate planning.

Investment planning
Using ISA’s, Investment Bonds, General investment accounts and more to grow your wealth.
Retirement planning
Getting the best out of your pensions with pre- and post-retirement financial planning.
Wills and Estate Planning
Making the most of allowances and tax rules to pass your hard-earned wealth to your loved ones.

Prepare your business for a lasting future handover.

Financial planning which improves employee engagement and retention, prepares incoming future leaders and safeguards your business from unexpected headwinds.

Auto Enrolment pension schemes
Auto Enrolment pension schemes
Use existing auto enrolment rules to get the best deal for your staff, whilst optimising on tax.
Small Self Administered Schemes
Build your pension whilst investing in your business, also accessing greater flexibility in your portfolio.
Employee Benefits
Attract and keep the best talent by offering the best benefits such as PMI, death-in-service policies and more.

A journey built on relationships.

Many of our clients at Wealth Solutions have been with us for decades, spanning over successive generations. Long-term, trusting relationships matter deeply to us as financial planners.

Financial questions keep cropping up throughout life, and often become more complex as we age. A committed, experienced financial “guide” can be greatly beneficial when navigating these successfully across your journey.

Building wealth
Building wealth

Lay a strong financial foundation in your working years, allowing more fun in the present and freedom in the future.

Enjoying wealth
Enjoying wealth

For retirement, craft a plan which allows you to a great quality of life - without running out of money.

Preparing wealth
Preparing wealth

Make sure your family enjoy the financial stability they deserve with a generational wealth plan.

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